Thermo Cover - for Artesian Spa Antiqua
Thermo Cover - for Artesian Spa Antiqua

Thermo Cover - for Artesian Spa Antiqua

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Thermo Cover - for Artesian Spa Antiqua

Length A: 213 cm

Length B: 213cm

Radius: 15cm

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Shipping Thermo Cover:

  • Throughout Germany: 99 euros
  • Austria: 129 euros

Shipping Swim Spa Cover up to 460 cm and roll cover

  • Germany and Austria: €260

Swim Spa Cover up to 680 cm

  • Germany and Austria: €390

Shipping via DHL: (Cover Lifter & Accessories)

  • Throughout Germany: 6.90 euros
  • Austria: 9.90 euros

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Thermo lid available immediately

Cover thickness

Stärke Mitte 12 cm
abfallend zur Seite auf 9 cm

The apron length is approx. 10 cm

delivery time

The delivery time is approximately 30 working days after receipt of the order/payment

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Everything a good cover needs

Our spa covers are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and the quality of our materials and workmanship is second to none.

Foam core with a density of 1.5 lbs

Water-resistant membrane

The lifespan of a hot tub depends on how long it takes for the core to fill with water - a slow process that occurs over time. To extend the life of the cover, we insulate the core with a special 150 micron polyethylene barrier to prevent chlorine and bromine vapor from entering the core.

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Fully insulated hinge

Full-width heat sealing prevents heat from escaping through the folds of the cover. It's made from the same strong and durable base fabric and has a special filling that repels heat instead of absorbing it.


Our zippers are resistant to rust and corrosion. They are not only UV-resistant, but also temperature-resistant from -40°C to +90°C. The cold tear limit (up to which the zippers are guaranteed not to tear) is -40ºC.

Foam core

As an integral part of the cover, our core can withstand 80-90 kg at each pressure point and 400 kg across the entire surface. Unlike inferior covers that have little or no taper, our cover does not allow puddles to form on it, reducing the risk of erosion of the polystyrene core.

We use polystyrene with a density of 25 kg/m3, which allows for faster heating and maintenance of heat in your tub. Our quality core will dramatically reduce your heating costs while extending the life of the cover.

Marine vinyl with UV and mildew protection

Our Cover Vinyl, with its elegant, leather-like appearance, has been designed, tested and certified to withstand the harshest marine environments.
- Fire retardant
- UV resistance
- Cold crack protection down to -30ºC
- Antibacterial protection
- Antifungal protection

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Stable handles

Stable handles are mounted on 2 opposite sides to ensure that the cover can be lifted off gently.

Our handles are reinforced on the inside with a special webbing that can withstand a tension of 200 kg. They are designed to withstand heavy use and last a long time. The quality seams used are waterproof and UV-resistant special seams that are often used in the boating industry.

4 safety straps
  • There are 4 safety straps at a distance of approx. 100 cm.
  • The loop straps are not adjustable.
  • Clip holders are included.
  • The clip lock also serves as a child lock to some extent
  • Mounting the straps in other individual locations is only possible upon request and for an additional charge of €100.

The lid is attached to the tub using our safety straps. They can be locked with a key, providing additional security for children. The plastic parts are made of strong, resilient plastic. The seat belts are reinforced on the inside with a special webbing that can withstand a tension of 200 kg. They are designed for tough use and a long service life. Just like the handles, the seams are waterproof and UV resistant and are used in the boating industry.

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