Transport damage:

Controleer packages op pity voordat je ze in ontvangst neemt

As a recipient of a package, the best way to control delivery is a pity for you to be aware of the delivery. The door does not have any access to the package service/expediteur, so the package is intact and is still available.

Pakketbezorgers always have the spurs and spurs in the quick delivery, so they can never be used here. A quick external control of the delivery takes just a few seconds.

  • Inspect the boxes (the packaging of the package) on all edges that are damaged.
  • Kijk also after small gaatjes waardoor a scherp voorwerp the internal edge of the doors can be internally pushed.
  • It can be picked up, before the other side of the package, as the package is bijvoorbeeld op nat asfalt is gelegd.
  • It is important to protect the internal glass from the glass so that it can be broken.
  • As the package is sealed with a plakband waarop the logo of the parcel service state, the package is sent to the package center.

As ever possible the inhoud of the package damaged can be zijn op basis van het uiterlijk, the package received here in op (the word "open damage" was genoemd).

Vraag de purchaser om the package in jouw bijzijn te openen om de inhoud te controleren. De bezorger hoeft dit niet te doen; He is willing and not obliged to compete. As the purchaser does not have the right to open the package, he or she refuses to open the package. Je kunt het package also accepteren en de bezorger de Schaden aan de buitenkant laten documenteren. Most of the buyers have to formulate the damage in order to document the damage with a hand scanner.

Transport damage, the niet herkenbaar is aan de buitenkant

As transport damage is not herkenbaar is aan de buitenkant wanneer the package wordt ontvangen, we say van hidden schade.

Bij hidden transport damage is the shipper afhankelijk van the hulp van de ontvanger. The ontvanger may have damaged items, including in-house and opulent materials, and should be photographed for inspection.

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