Protective cover for Thermo Cover
Protective cover for Thermo Cover
Protective cover for Thermo Cover
Protective cover for Thermo Cover
Protective cover for Thermo Cover
Protective cover for Thermo Cover

Protective cover for Thermo Cover


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Cover Cap deLuxe

The simple protective cover for the hot tub cover

Protects the hot tub cover against the elements such as rain and wind.
Made from lightweight ripstop polyester, breathable, waterproof and reduces condensation.
Equipped with a drawstring and comes with an attached storage bag.

Use and Care

  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation to allow the Cover Cap to breathe.
  • Do not lay the Cover Cap flat on the spa cover, but make sure there is always some space between the Cover Capand the hot tub cover is.
  • Use the SUPPORT POLE SET to create a highest point so that water from the cover Capto slip off and to avoid it collecting in puddles.
  • Remove the Cover Cap from your whirlpool cover regularly so that it can breathe deeply.

Square sizes

Length x Width x Skirt/Apron x Radius:

  • 200x200x25x10cm
  • 210x210x25x10cm
  • 215x215x25x10cm
  • 220x220x25x10cm
  • 225x225x25x10cm
  • 230x230x25x10cm
  • 235x235x25x10cm
  • 240x240x25x10cm


  • Charcoal

Shipping Thermo Cover:

  • Throughout Germany: 99 euros
  • Austria: 129 euros

Shipping Swim Spa Cover up to 460 cm and roll cover

  • Germany and Austria: €260

Swim Spa Cover up to 680 cm

  • Germany and Austria: €390

Shipping via DHL: (Cover Lifter & Accessories)

  • Throughout Germany: 6.90 euros
  • Austria: 9.90 euros

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