Where to put the hot tub cover? Tips & Tricks from the Cover King

When it comes to worry-free bathing pleasure in your bubbling jacuzzi, a whirlpool cover is indispensable. In addition to functional protection, the question often arises: what to do with the whirlpool cover? In this article we will give you valuable tips and suggestions on how you can integrate your cover into your pool area in both a functional and visually appealing way.

Design tips for your Jacuzzi protection

Of course, the whirlpool cover cannot simply disappear into thin air. If you want to harmoniously integrate your cover into your feel-good oasis, you should consider a few design tips:

  1. Material selection: Use the building material in your surroundings and design the cover to match it. For example, if you have a wooden deck, you can use wood paneling for your hot tub cover.

  2. Consider size: When choosing the cover, also think about the size of the surrounding elements such as the terrace, facade, windows and trees. The coverage should appear proportional and not appear too dominant or too small.

Here are some inspiring examples of inground hot tub covers:

  • Wooden cladding: If you have a wooden terrace, you can hide the whirlpool cover in matching wooden cladding. This ensures a harmonious integration of the jacuzzi into your terrace.

  • Slate look: If you have a terrace made of concrete or stone slabs, you can design the cover in a slate look. This gives your whirlpool an elegant and modern look.

  • Plain black case: If you prefer an inconspicuous and discreet solution, you can choose a cover with a plain black case. This fits unobtrusively into any lowered whirlpool area.

Even with freestanding whirlpools there are various ways to place the cover in a visually appealing way:

  • Dual-wing covers: A double-wing cover creates a balanced and inviting look for a freestanding hot tub.

  • Automatic covers: Automatic covers that can be moved vertically up and down on pillars look particularly elegant.

  • Comfortable canopies: Another alternative is comfortable canopies that also act as a cover for the tub. These offer additional protection and give your whirlpool a cozy atmosphere.

It is important to note that a quality hot tub cover offers many benefits. It keeps the water protected from dirt, dust, pollen and precipitation, making pool cleaning and water hygiene easier. It also prevents children from getting into the pool unsupervised.

The advantages of a high-quality whirlpool cover

A high-quality whirlpool cover offers other advantages in addition to protection against dirt and unauthorized access:

  1. Thermal equipment: Ideally, a cover has thermal equipment that shields the whirlpool from cold and heat. This means that the water stays warmer for longer in winter and heating up due to solar radiation is reduced in summer.

  2. Energy efficiency: A cover with high-quality insulation protects your pool from heat loss like an all-round shell. This saves you energy and reduces your heating costs.

  3. Chemical balance: A hot tub cover reduces the heating of the water in summer and prevents chlorine from quickly escaping due to the sun's rays. This ensures that the chemical balance of the water is maintained and you also save on chemical cleaning agents.

It is therefore advisable to use a cover for every outdoor jacuzzi. Even if you don't immediately like the optical integration, you shouldn't miss out on the practical advantages of a cover. If you have any questions about the optimal placement of your whirlpool cover, our experts will be happy to help you. Contact us and we will advise you individually and competently.


The correct placement of a whirlpool cover is crucial for optimal protection and aesthetic integration into your pool area. With the right design tips and a high-quality cover, you can protect your hot tub from dirt, unauthorized access and severe temperature fluctuations. At the same time, you save energy and protect the chemical balance of the water.

Contact our experts to find the best solution for your hot tub cover. We will be happy to help you and ensure that you can enjoy your whirlpool without any worries.